Bloch ~ Balance European Strong Pointe Shoes

Balance European Strong

Offers all the wonderful attributes of the Balance European with a strong shank, still created on a curved last alowing a wonderful line even before the pointe shoes are broken in.


  • Features a stronger shank
  • The exterior of the shoe has a more streamlined appearance without losing the width of the platform.
  • The generous platform encourages balanced weight distribution and can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals.
  • The European Balance has a diagonal side seam which reduces satin creasing.
  • The low profile of the shoe, open throat line of the vamp shape, and the elastic drawstring, creates a streamlined, snug fit.


  • Ribbons and elastic sold separately

Please Note: It is highly recommended that all pointe shoes are professionally fit by an expert.

This ensure the correct fitting. To book in please select “Book a Pointe Shoe Fitting” in our menu.

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