Footed Ballet Tights Pink - Children's-Tights-Silky-That's Entertainment Dancewear
Footed Ballet Tights Pink - Children's-Tights-Silky-Pink-Age 3-5-That's Entertainment Dancewear

Footed Ballet Tights Pink - Children's

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The features of the product include luxurious spandex based yarns, non elastic waistbands, hand sewn flat seams, no show diamond gusset and no uncomfortable labels.

  • Manufactured with supersoft microfiber yarns
  • Hand sews flat seams for comfort against the skin and seamless look
  • Luxury soft non elastic comfort waistband providing a no show look under the leotard
  • No show diamond gusset dyed to match the colour of the tights
  • No uncomfortable labels sewn on the inside of the body

Composition: 90% Polyamide, 10% Spandex