Gaynor Minden ~ Roller Kit

Complete warm up and cool down kit.


Dancers are increasingly integrating the tools of sports science and physical therapy in their daily warm up and recovery routines, yet most of the equipment they rely on was created for sports, not dance.


GM Roller Kit was designed just for dancers and contains all the essentials for targeting the muscles and fascia most in need of relief before and after a long day in the studio.


Our kit is lightweight, compact, and includes the tools dancers need most:


Foam Roller:  lightweight with built in ridges and bumps to relive tight muscles. Relieves tension in the back, IT band, hips, and legs.


Mini Roller:  Targeted relief for sore and tight calves.


Large Massage Ball:  Perfect for massaging hip flexors and the psoas.


Small Massage Ball:  Gets into the intrinsic muscles of the feet.


Micro-Velvet Towel Mat: soft and smooth mat that absorbs moisture, plus it doubles up as a towel for the end of a workout.


Carrying Bag:  A shoulder strap drawstring bag makes the whole kit ultra portable!

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