Grimas Eyebrow Plastic - Eyebrow Covering/ Blocking and Spatula

Grimas Eyebrow Plastic 25ml
Grimas Eyebrow Plastic is a transparent wax that is used for covering up eyebrows.
The texture adheres to the skin well and remains elastic.
Application: Thin eyebrows: apply Eyebrow Plastic with the convex rounded side of the spatula in the direction of the eyebrow hairs, ensuring that no hairs stick out. Smooth the edges flat so that grease and moisture can not get underneath.
Thick eyebrows: comb the eyebrows against the direction of the hairs with an eyebrow brush. Then use the brush to apply Eyebrow Plastic against the direction of the hairs, after which the brush can be used to smooth the hairs in the natural direction. Eyebrow Plastic can then be applied as per the technique for thin eyebrows. Smooth the Eyebrow Plastic surface and edges off with your spatula

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