Grishko ~ 2007 PRO (Adults)

GRISHKO 2007 Pro is the classic 2007 model and shape but with “pro” noise reduction features. 


  • -New, noise-reducing strip on the pointe platform and on the sole under the toes
  • -New, unique glue with latex to give the box additional elasticity
  • -New box assembly reducing the length of the stiff part of the vamp slightly
  • -As original Grishko 2007, these model is also extra light, made with suede machine-stitched sole that provides an easy transition from the demi-pointe to the pointe and back.
  • -The shoe is distinguished by its perfect balance and placement, outstanding durability, lack of noise and perfect comfort.

Please note: we recommend that all pointe shoes and soft blocks are professional fitted to ensure the correct fitting. To arrange an appointment please use the booking form on the main menu.

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