Mehron ProColoRing - Neutralizer

Mehron ProColoRing - Neutralizer

Neutralizer ColoRing is a cream makeup used to neutralize skin tone discolorations and sallowness.

A convenient palette wheel of 5 neutralizers allows for targeted customized correction to even-out any skin tone. Apply Neutralizer ColoRing before concealer and under base makeup.

Pat the appropriate colour to neutralize discolorations.

To correct redness apply Mint Buff.

For sallow or yellow undertones use Lilac Suede.

To correct blue and blue/red complexions apply Tawny Amber.

As skin shades may vary, try different colours for the best results. Set with Colorset Powder before application of any base colour.

Note: The base should be applied by patting if the applicator is dragged across the Neutralizer, it may pull against the colour and remove it.